It might seem like I’ve not been busy lately but in truth I really have, just not with music. For as long as I can remember being in a band and making, recording and performing music was the only thing I wanted to do. So much so that I created a life for myself which gave me as much time as possible to pursue this. In reality this meant working part time jobs I hated which in the grand scheme of things was not very good for my overall sense of well being.

Now in the last year, I’ve become a Dad again for the second time, which is even more full on than the first time in every way imaginable. Finding time to be at home, spend time with kids, play music, earn money etc etc is tough and can get a bit grim on reduced sleep. However, all of this has made me more determined to carry on and succeed with music as I want my family to be proud of me and see me making a success of my life and not sacking off my dreams.

Through all of this fug though good things have happened. I have met Kyle, an amazing drummer, person and comrade who I will be starting to play gigs with in the coming months. We have been hard at it rehearsing in the studio in his garden dubbed “The Chicken Shed”. To be fair it’s pretty nice in there with heating and no straw or any pressure to lay eggs.

I guess in years gone by the idea of pressing pause on all of this for a while would have seemed unimaginable but now its not and coming back to it feels exciting and full of possibilities.

Hope to see you at a gig soon